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The risk-free Taobao logistics with low investment can help your company to get out of trouble and easily earn S$10K every month

     In Singapore, an increasing number of people buy things through Taobao. 
    The authority of Taobao published that there were 280,000 Singaporean register members in 2012. In 2016, it is estimated by the same trade that there may be more than 1,000,000 Singaporean members, including approximately 200,000 to 300,000 active members (who go shopping through Taobao once every month). 
    It’s a completely blank market of marine logistics service for Singaporean Taobao members. Only Nanyang Star(S) PTE LTD(86OF.COM IT system processing) and several Chinese companies (manual operation) provide this service. 

    As there are a lot of bulk and small packages, customer inquiries and consultations of Taobao logistics, the majority of marine logistics companies, which cannot handle such orders, can only helplessly lose such customers. 

      The professional full-featured Taobao transnational ocean freight IT system firstly developed globally by Nanyang Star(S) PTE LTD can help customers to solve the problem of transnational Taobao logistics: 
    ◎ It is completely risk-free. The investment is dominated by Singaporean government’s PIC subsidy, so you will only suffer a few of losses in case of business failure; 
    ◎ Nanyang Star will take charge of the warehouse leasing, employee recruitment and training in Guangzhou and employee training in Singapore. You can take over the management after its normal operation; 
 ◎ It is easy to expand business. Mainly advertisements are handed out to the nearby communities, business districts and industrial zones. A preferential price will be given to a customer who purchased the service for the first time, so there will be a steady flow of businesses in the future. 
     The company will provide paper advertising and media promotion supports. 
 ◎ Taobao advertising expenses will be subsidized and free ocean freight service will be provided to customers so as to expand the customer source rapidly. 
    ◎ You can enter the sector by only investing S$5K, begin to make profits as of the second month, and earn more than S$10K per month between the 4th and the 6th months (the less investment you make, the longer the profit-making duration will be). Normally, you can recoup your investment in three months. 
    ◎ In case of failure in business , you can take back the S$5K in full invested by you. If failure to continue the operation for a reason related to you,you can take over the business,after 3 months ,take over fee will be S$30K.

    ◎ There are totally 10 investors allowed in the whole island and all of them will certainly gain profits. A customer must be qualified to apply for PIC. 

   Current situation of the ocean freight industry in Singapore 
     Although Singapore is a port country, the whole ocean freight industry has neither made any preparation nor made any change for the arrival of Taobao, and still remains the bureaucratic style 10 years ago: shipping companies reject the transportation of cargos less than 1 m3, troublesome small cargos and a few of cargoes of individual customers, and only like big business customers (however, it is very difficult to make settlement because they usually pay monthly).
    The Taobao consumers in Singapore can only choose Chinese ocean freight companies even though there is no local service, and they can only endure the not so satisfactory service. Perhaps, they can entrust others to buy what they need for them or choose air transportation and other expensive ways to transport what they buy from Taobao to Singapore. 
    This is a non-defensive, lucrative and most accessible business domain but the number of investors is limited. 
    Also, there are similar business opportunities in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia because there is an extremely big development space and high profits for the international logistics industry serving Taobao. 
    Then, why traditional ocean freight companies cannot render logistics services for Taobao shopping? 
    The main reason is the lack of talents. 
?It is normal that employees of ocean freight companies don’t have experience in IT and software development and it is also normal that IT companies are not familiar with ocean freight business. In addition, traditional ocean freight companies always provide ocean freight service for business customers so they are totally strange with providing ocean freight service for individuals. 

  It is basically impossible for a traditional ocean freight company to solve all the three factors. In the world, there is only one company which has solved the three difficulties and the company is our company, Nanyang Star(S) PTE LTD, which is not only an IT software company but also an ocean freight company, and only operates business for transnational logistics of Taobao shopping. 
    However, our problems are shown below: How to occupy the whole individual ocean freight market in Singapore? How to enter the markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia? We need you to join us.  

    There is a big gold mine in front of us. Don’t hesitate and join us for gold mining. The industry will certainly continue expanding and developing in the future ten years so you can earn money easily for at least ten years as long as you begin to enter this sector. 

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