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    A whole set of turnkey services: 
 1. Establishment of the whole IT system and one-year maintenance; 
 2. Transformation of storage facilities and working flow of Guangzhou warehouse; warehouse renting in Guangzhou, employee recruitment and training for newcomers; namely, we will hand over a normally operated Guangzhou warehouse to you so you can just take over the management. 
     As for a traditional ocean freight company, 86OF’s warehouse employees will give on-the-job training in Chinese warehouses with their board and lodging expenses borne by 86OF. 
 3. Customer service flow transformation of the country; 86OF’s employees will give on-the-job training with the expenses for air tickets and board and lodging expenses bone by 86OF. 
 4. Participating in remote online full-process business management in the first 3 months, including the operation in Guangzhou and the home country. 
     All the above services cover those to be considered by a customer. Therefore, you don’t need to do anything but take over the management. 
      More of software companies cannot achieve Item 2 to Item 4. They only set up a website and you need to enter the content and provide all details. They cannot do other things because they don’t have practical experience and there is no corresponding talent to render such services. With employees with rich operational experience, 86OF can do all things for customers and really hand over a profitable company to you. 

     Price: USD       . 

     A customer can pay 50% of the price and another 50% can be considered as our shares because we are optimistic about all logistics companies which use the 86OF system. 

    Offer of a whole set of turnkey service + full operation exploitation 
   On the basis of full operation, we will develop 1,000 customers and guarantee averagely 100 packages or more than 10m3 per day and help the company to make profits. 

    Offer: USD     +30% shares 

    Simplified edition  
      The system includes only basic modules but no enhanced ones. We will also provide on-the-job training and business process transformation services in the two countries. 


    A Singaporean customer may apply for the government’s PIC subsidy. 

    After use 86of IT system, 5 employees can be reduced. The wage, office expense and administration expense of each employee are greater than USD 3,000, so USD 15,000 can be saved for 5 employees per month and the cost of investment can be recovered in 6 months. If you pay the price by installment, you can recover your down payment in about 1 or 2 months. 


    The difference between our company and other IT software companies is as follows: 

   Our company, which is an IT company and also an ocean freight company, is qualified to provide unique services for you and your company because of our rich practical experience and the course of fast development. 

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