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Market and profit

   An ocean freight logistics company will certainly make a profit as long as the company has 1000 customers. 
   If the company has 3000 customers, it will be very easy for the company to earn RM1,000,000 every year. That is to say, concentrated freight services of Taobao and ocean freight services can be provided in any city with its population of more than 30000 persons in Malaysia. 
   Most important of all, there will be no competitor because any traditional ocean freight company is too weak to stand competition in the face of the most advanced IT system of the world. We can still make profits even thought the ocean freight charge is reduced to RMB 450/m3. However, a traditional ocean freight company cannot earn money even though the ocean freight charge is RMB 550/m3.

      We help traditional ocean freight companies to improve their working flow and enhance the working efficiency. Meanwhile, we also help laymen to enter logistics industry, follow the trend of the times and earn money easily in the future ten years.  

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