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Customer usage scenario

      Miss Lin needs a company to transport a set of furniture that she buys from Taobao of China to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 
   1.Miss Lin searches for an ocean freight company in GOOGLE, which shows the website of your company on the first page (this is not a paid advertisement on GOOGLE but the result of a GOOGLE optimization technology so you don’t need to pay any extra advertising expense.). 
   2.After accessing your website by clicking, Miss Lin immediately sees the freight quotation and is registered to become a website member under guidance. (Replacing the job done by a salesman)
   3. After registration, Miss Lin can see the exclusive address in China, which including her shipping mark code. Then, Miss Lin could enter this exclusive address to Taobao. 
   4.The Taobao seller delivers the cargo to the warehouse in Guangzhou. Later, the receiving office should put the cargo into the warehouse under the name of Miss Lin according to the shipping mark code on the address. Then, a SMS of goods receiving is sent to Miss Lin’s mobile phone, notifying her of the storage of her package, the volume and number of packages. 
  Miss Lin feels so glad about this so she buys some commodities from Taobao again. A short message is immediately sent to her upon each arrival of goods. 
   5.At the weekend night, Miss Lin checks the express waybill numbers of goods arriving at the warehouse online and verifies the complete consistence with the express way bill numbers sent by the Tabao seller so it means that all her goods arrived and can be delivered. 
   Miss Lin reports the goods values and names, selects the mode of transportation and fills in her delivery address online. Then, the website can calculate the ocean freight charge, tax, document charge and the total charges she needed to pay. 
    6.If the total charges are RM 200 and Miss Lin have a promotion code for a reduction of RM 10, so she only needs to pay RM 190.
   Miss Lin transfers RM 190 to your company’s account through an ATM and a SMS notice of customer recharging will be sent to your financial personnel, who could only spend 2 minutes to click online in off-duty time to confirm the recharge. Then, a SMS would be sent to Miss Lin notifying her successful recharge. (If Miss Lin allows the additional deduction of 4% service charge through PAYPAL, she can finish the recharge without going out and manual intervention.)
   7. After Miss Lin clicked “SUBMIT”, the system would automatically generate a PDF of delivery list, which indicates the complete list of goods, number of goods, arrival date, volume, goods name, shipping method, consignee, contact number and all other information. Then, the system would generate an INVOICE to the customer to report the expenses. 
         8. At 9:00 a.m. on Monday, after the company’s customer service worker saws and clicks Miss Lin’s freight note and approves it after spending one minute in verifying no problem in the freight note. 
   9. At 9:30 a.m., the warehouse employee in Guangzhou began to work. After seeing the company approved the order, the employee will enter the tallying system for this freight note. Then, this system automatically generated a tallying list, scans the express waybill number of each goods and automatically checked them. The system would give an alarm immediately for any wrong packages caught through scanning so as to avoid putting other people’s packages in the list. Besides, the system would also automatically prompt any package missing and indicate the location of the package. 
       10. After packaging in the warehouse, the worker may click “delivered to Johor Bahru, Malaysia” and give an advance notice of the arrival date (this date can be modified in case of customs inspection). Then, Miss Lin would receive a short message notice so she doesn’t need to call the company to ask for the questions: “Was my goods delivered? When will you deliver it?”
      11. When the goods arrives the wharf, the system will send another short message to Miss Lin, telling her that goods will be sent to her home in 2-3 days and her preparation will be needed. 
      12. On the day of delivery, the system will automatically send a short message to notify Miss Lin of our immediate delivery; besides, the driver should also call her to confirm the delivery and then the delivery can be arranged. 
   After delivery, the customer service worker will confirm the customer’ receiving according to the signature form the driver takes back; then, the service is over.  
      13.Then, Miss Lin continues shopping. As for each payment and freight charge paid, the system will automatically generate a detailed list which can be checked by Miss Lin. 
     After the ocean freight charge is paid every time, the system will automatically accumulate the integral, which can be used by Miss Lin to exchange ocean freight charge or other presents. 
     14. Miss Lin is very satisfied with your company’s service so she recommends her friends to your company. Then, the system can generate an exclusive promotion website for Miss Lin so a new customer can automatically register through the website to become a customer recruited by Miss Lin. 
       In the whole process, only the driver needs to call the customer for confirmation before delivery and contact between the customer and the company with phone or email is not needed in other flows. Only the financial personnel need to confirm a customer’s recharge and another employee check whether there is any issue in a freight note. Does it mean that the employees will be plagued with leisure and the boss should prepare to lay off employees? 

       86OF provides a whole solution from introducing customers from GOOGLE and Baidu to delivery notice so all the work to be done by your employees is finished by it. Once we found there is anything done by employees, we will to upgrade the system and let the IT system to do the work. 

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