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86OF’s overall IT solution of shipping industry consists of the modules

   Basic module

       CMS module of basic website: it refers to the website of 86OF.COM which supports both Chinese and English or the combination of any two languages. Its backstage is an article management system. you can change homepage to what you need.

   Member module: It refers to a system for member registration and login, automatic allocation of shipping marks for ocean freight and display of special storage address and integral. 
  Financial module: Both income and expense of each member are recorded automatically. The ocean freight charges include ocean freight charge, tax and document charge, which are clearly shown to customers, who will no longer make troubles to the financial personnel. The module supports artificial money deduction, recharge, auto deduction of PAYAPL and credit card, and domestic third-party payment interface.  
  Cargo storage: Volume data and storage location numbers can be entered. Unattended packages can be dealt with so customers can automatically take their packages according to their express waybill numbers. 
      Cargo tracking: According to a domestic express waybill number, a customer can continue to track all information of the cargo after it enters your company’s warehouse till receipt and can also track whether an unattended package or cargo arrives at the warehouse. 
  The following enhanced modules are the fruits of the technical quintessence researched and developed exclusively by us and partner: 
   SMS notice: Upon the arrival of a package, a short message will be sent to the customer. Besides, short messages about loading, arrival, delivery, recharge and deduction etc. can also be sent to the customers so that they will no longer ask the customer service staff about the arrival of their packages. 
        We don’t buy the telecommunication company’s SMS channel but independently establish a more advanced short message server, through which we can autonomously control the content in a short message and the number for SMS. In this way, it is easy for customers to directly reply for consultation after receiving short messages. If we use the operator’s short message group sending system, which doesn’t show our customer service phone number, it may cause troubles to customers. Due to the latest technological breakthrough, we use ANDROID phones as short message sending ends so we can easily receive customers’ short message replies and timely solve their problems. 
   Free ocean freight module: there is a close butt joint between this module and the Taobao data and Taobao will pay the ocean freight charges so customers can enjoy ocean freight service free of charge. Besides, part of freight charges can also be reduced. 
    This module consists of three parts: The free ocean freight website receives the commodity data and coupon data provided by Taobao. After a customer buys such a commodity, the transaction data will enter the 86OF.COM, which will finally provide the free ocean freight service. The module is the first free ocean freight processing system in the world and finally realizes the automatic processing of over ten steps after our improvement for more than ten times. Only one flow needs manual processing (20min per day). The examination of free ocean freight has been optimized to the speed that 600 freight notes can be processed per hour. 
   Mobile phone WeChat operation module: One can operate the whole process of ocean freight with a mobile phone instead of a computer. The process includes registration, expressage tracking, package claiming, GST application, submission for delivery, tracking the whole process of ocean freight and news announcement. Both IOS and ANDROID phones can be used and there is no need to download an APP. 
   SEO optimization processing: 86OF is on the first page of search results through GOOGLE and Baidu for a long time so advertising expenses are not needed. Test: please enter “concentrated transportation of Singapore” and “concentrated transportation of Taobao in Singapore”, 86OF is always on the first page every day. Thus, both GOOGLE and Baidu bring us outpouring customers every day.   

        Group freight module: Each customer independently delivers cargo to its own ID instead of the ocean freight group leader’s ID, independently submits the delivery, recharge and pay. Then, their packages were uniformly sent to an address so the disengaged group leader will be able to organize more customers to participate in the group ocean freight.  

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