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We can help you to stolve problems about ocean freight

    We offer IT network solutions to transnational shipping corporations. 
    We are NANYANG STAR(S)PTE LTD,ACRA:200914698Z, member of Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry; our website is www.86of.com (hereinafter referred to as 86OF).   
   86OF is the first company in the world to provide IT network solutions for transnational ocean freight and have real practical experience. We can help you to solve your problems:       
    ◎Fail to practically make profits regardless of increase the number of customers and labors. 
      After using 86OF scheme, employees’ working efficiency is increased tenfold and a half of your existing employees can be laid off. Then, the remaining employees will have nothing to do. The wages reduced will be your profits. 
    ◎Unable to handle individual business and small packages, and thus reject such orders. 
      After using 86OF scheme, small individual packages become the gold mine for profits and can create more profits than enterprise customers. 
    ◎ It is difficult to settle accounts with customers, who will pay only after repeated request. Sometimes, a customer refuses to pay due to RMB 1 of shortage in collection (not overchaged) and says that the account is incorrect. 
      After using 86OF scheme, all collection problems are readily solved and the financial personnel are also happy because they don’t need to request payments every day any more. 
     ◎Slow growth in the number of customers: How can a company develop because it obtains 10 customers and loses 8 ones per month?         
     After using 86OF scheme, you can decide the number of customers increased per month? Then, what you will be worried about should be whether your warehouse management can follow the rapid increase in the number of customers.      
     ◎A lot of cargoes are lost in the warehouse and you often cannot find out the customers’ cargoes. Sometimes, you have to seek through the whole warehouse for a cargo. It is difficult for other employees to distribute cargoes if the key employee of warehouse is on leave. 

      After using 86OF scheme, there is a large reduction in the number of cargoes missing and one among 5000 packages may be lost. Besides, the cargo seeking speed is also increased above tenfold and it is easy to find out a small package. It doesn’t matter that a key employee is on leave because everyone can find out packages easily. 

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