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Questio and Answer:calcula size,logistic withdraw,reject parcles,prevent loss good


 1. Size calculation formula: Length*breath*height
  2. If your items does not occupy more than 0.3 cube meter, we will price according to 0.3 cube meter.
  3. If your items are not together, and is sent by many sellers, and every item has a small size, we recommand you to use our ........ to send, website:, they also have a professional IT system  to manage small items.
  4. Ocean freight companies do not welcome customers who send small items with large quantities, $73/0.5 cube meter, or $123/1 cube meter, express numbers cannot exceed 5, if it exceeds, its $2/express number.
  eg. Customer A sends 0.5 cube meter of goods, he has 8 express numbers, total 20 items, the first 5 express number is free, $6 will be charged for the other 3 express numbers.


     When a large number of goods arrive, logistic's shipping fee is cheaper then express shipping fee, logistic's company  no offer delivery service,so we will help customers withdraw goods and delivery to our warehouse.
    Warehouses below helps customers withdraw goods:
    Reciever please fill in: 汪文忠 转 你的ID
    Sending notice:

              Inform the seller and logistic's company to unload goods near our warehouses to reduce the cost of withdrawing goods.
                withdraw and delivery fee:
              1. Everytime 1 cube meter or below, within 10km:15SGD, does not include road fees, or parking fee(if have).
              2. If exceeds 1 cube meter, add the cost according to the size, like 1.2cube meter, which is 20*1.2=24SGD
              3. If distance exceeds 10km, add 5SGD per 5km, for example, if distance is 14km, its 20+4=24SGD
              After the sender has sent the items, please use "member centre-service centre-enquire" to inform us, tell the logistic company ,collection point, phone number, quantity, approximate size and basic information. After we have stored your items, the system will automaticly message to inform you.

       You can send the photo of logistic's form to us(how to send>>)instead of up's notice.

Q3:  Seal bad,will reject receive

In actual operation, some large items, like the bicycle below,if the seller does not seal it properly, we will reject delivering it, as this will affect customer's shopping experience.

If you no mind about it ,you can make a forecase about it;member centre-my parcel-forecase:

Q4: How to prevent the loss of goods

      If a customer purchase from many sellers, and sometimes on of the order goods won't arrive at our warehouses,  the customer would not find the problem until Ocean Freight companies have already delivered goods. How to prevent the loss of goods?
1. Please fill in the "member centre-my parcels-forecast" in time, this basically means you are using as your personal notebook, if our workers don't recieve the items 5 days after you have reported them,they will contact you to view this express package.
2. Notice the seller no received goods, lets seller check where is the goods.
       TaoBao will pay the seller after 10 days they have sent the items, buyer have 10 days to check if goods have arrived warehouse.

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