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GUANGZHOU Warehouse Shipping fee and notice

       GUANGZHOU Warehouse address: 

       510430 广东省广州市白云区石井街道石槎路谭村三社新域大厦A座304室(86OF+your ID)  

       Warehouse Consignee: Your login name (Set by you when registering)
       Consignee's phone number:
       Manager: Mr Chen
       Size problem inquiry QQ: 2581879247    wechat:c18620028659 (Does not accept any other advisory)
        Shipment Cost(CBM=Cube meter)



        $13/0.1CBM  (AMK Warehouse withdrawl(Warehouse address), if exceeds 0.1CBM, will calculate properly, for 0.12CBM cost:0.12xS$130=S$15.6), Delivery fee: Goods in China,when you submit  order choice delivery,$20 will be added; If goods have been stored in Singapore,delivery fee is $30.

    For every express order that reaches warehouse, a SMS will notify you.
    There is no limit to package quantity for every cube meter, for packages smaller than 0.02 cube meter, will calculate cost as 0.02.       
    Heavy loads, like ceremic, stones, will calculate cost as 1 cube meter=500kg, if the calculation is not based to size. 

      For illegal items or sensetive items, additional costs will be added, please look here>>
     Collection time:
    Monday to Saturday 9.30-18.00, we will take a break on Sundays. Delivery man please take note of the time, please notify the warehouse using a phone if you are late, we will wait until 18:20.
     Free storage:
   Will start measuring cost once goods have reached warehouse, free storage for 20 days, if exceeds 20 days then $2/day/0.5CBM will be the charge(Less than 0.5CBM by 0.5CBM,Most customers may reduce or waive the storage charge). When goods reach Singapore there will be 7 days of free storage if you want to withdrawl it personally in that period.(Withdrawl time: Monday to Saturday:9am-6pm)   





     许可A 0.3立方米,B 0.5立方米,C 0.2立方米,同时提交发货运到一个地址,全部按$90/立方米结算运费。

     Cash on delivery in China
   If a Chinese express write "cash on delivery" and customer ID are written on the express from, we will pay directly.
   Service charge:if the customer's account has money inside, with 3% service fee. If the account does not have any money inside, we will tell you to top up then make the payment, with 10% service fee, lowest being $1.
   Customers can go to "Member centre-Financial management-Financial records" to check express numbers with "cash on delivery"(Will Callout last 4 digits).
   Logistics withdrawl
   Consignee please write:陈培斌, Phone:18920028659
   If the distance between our warehouse is within 10km, the cost to withdrawl for 1 cube meter is RMB110, if exceeds 10km, will increase 50% cost, which will be RMB165. If exceeds 1CBM, will increase 50% cost, which will be RMB165. 
   When goods arrive at GuanZhou, please contact customer service(TEL:91602555)to arrange vehicle for withdrawl.
  Mass delivery Combo
   Combining small packages into one package will be free and the packaging will be provided.
   Individual declare GST fee:
   S$35(Only GST companies need to pay this amount, personal and non-GST companies do not.)
  Opening package for verification
   Smaller than 0.03CBM, $2 per package, things to verify: quantity, product, 3 pictures of the package and free sealing. Send to customer's whatsapp.

   Bigger than 0.03CBM, $3 per package, things to verify: quantity, product, power inspection, picture of all content, at least 3 pictures and free sealing. Send to customer's whatsapp.

     货物保险      具体说明请点击这里》》





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